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In today's workplace, attracting and retaining the very best workforce is paramount to the success of every company in any industry. Feeling productive, involved and appreciated are critical employee concerns that directly affect retention, personnel costs and the top line. But how do you measure and act upon something as nebulous as how your employees "feel"?

Employee Opinion Surveys measure and quantify exactly that, and in a way that provides informative data and guidance toward improving the workplace. Employee Opinion surveys are designed to give you what you need to know about what is and is not working for your employees.

You conduct an Employee Opinion Survey to identify actionable areas for improvement within the structure, operation, management and policies of your business. The keyword here is "actionable" because the true value of your Employee Opinion Survey is in the steps you take based on what you learn from the responses of your employees.

Employee Opinion Surveys can show you areas that do not require improvement, where workers believe the company provides acceptable levels of challenge, stimulation and benefit.

When data derived from an Employee Opinion Survey are taken as a whole, they paint an accurate picture of the reality of your work environment as perceived by your employees. Because responses are specific to department, franchise or location, you can pinpoint problems, implement solutions and measure results on as small or large a level as you choose.

rjs data group can customize an Employee Opinion Survey that gives you the tools to ensure lower turnover, better customer service and higher growth rates for your business.

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